Appointments & Fees

Canberra Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is a private sport orthopaedic and sports medicine practice, which offers the highest quality sub-specialty care in the area of sports medicine and orthopaedics surgery.  This encompasses the surgical management of not only sports injuries of the upper and lower limb, but general trauma and other conditions that do not require a joint replacement. He predominantly performs arthroscopic, reconstructive, osteotomy procedures and reparative procedures following trauma, of the upper and lower limbs.

Canberra Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine aims to provide the highest level of professional care extended to all our patients during the initial diagnosis and management, through to surgery, and post operative follow up care.    

All patients are offered personalised and individual care from initial appointments until final post-surgical review.


For all appointments and enquiries, call (02) 6201 6989

Our phones are open Monday to Friday (except public holidays). As a specialist clinic, patients will receive a higher Medicare rebate if referred by a General Practitioner or other specialist, than if referred by a physiotherapist or self-referral.

Your first appointment

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment to allow time to find parking and to complete registration.

Your initial consultation for new conditions will be 30 minutes so there is time for a comprehensive assessment and you to be involved in any decisions or treatment concerning your health.

When you come for your appointment please remember to obtain and bring the following:

• Referral letter from GP, physiotherapist or other doctor;

• Medicare card;

• Have your Private Hospital Insurance information with you;

• Pension/Veterans Affairs card (if applicable);

• Reports, X-rays, MRI's, CT scans etc and any other relevant information: and

  1.        If your condition/injury is work-related, please bring your workers compensation/insurance details

           including your claim number, insurer, and case manager’s contact details.

Referral from Emergency Department, Ski-field medical centre, and/or the public system

If you have attended an Accident and Emergency department, a medical centre at the ski slopes, a public registrar review clinic, &/or other public orthopaedic clinic, and would like to be managed in the private system, you are entitled to do this. Your referral letter can be brought to any orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Porter is happy to receive such referrals.  However if your surgery has already been performed within the public system, your follow-up care is best carried out by the surgeon who either supervised or performed your surgery.  This can be arranged at the public hospital or in the surgeon’s private rooms.  Generally, Dr. Porter does not accept the post-operative care of cases looked after in the public system.

To cancel an Appointment

Telephone the office during business hours on (02) 6201 6989 and allow at least 1 day's notice so that we can offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.

Fees for Consultation

  1. 1.The fee for an initial consultation for a new condition is $200 and 30 minutes is allocated.

        A rebate of approx $72.75 is claimable from Medicare with a GP referral.

  1. 2.The fee for a follow up within 6 months of initial consultation is $120 and 15 minutes is allocated.

     A rebate of $36.55 is claimable from Medicare with a GP referral.

Canberra Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine does not “bulk bill”, unless there are extenuating circumstances. This can be discussed with the rooms.

Fees are payable on the day of consultation.  We accept cash, cheques, EFTPOS and major credit cards (except American Express or Diners Club). You will receive an invoice and receipt from these consultations and then you take this to Medicare Office or claim online for the rebate.

Please note signatures as a forms of verification on credit and debit cards will be phased out and PINs will be the main form of credit card authorisation.

Veteran Affairs

All Veteran Affairs clients will need to have GP referral letter to see our specialist or clients will need to pay your account in full at time of consultation. The practice is not able to accept Physiotherapy only referral.

Workers’ Compensation

All workers compensation patients must provide:

  1. - a copy of the referral from a GP or Specialist before any appointments can be confirmed; and

  2. - written authorisation from your workers compensation company approving a consult with Dr Mark Porter.

All workers compensation clients are responsible for obtaining the above documentation prior to booking an appointment. Clients without the appropriate approval will be charged for your consultation.

Please note that a different fee schedule applies to workers compensation cases as these fees capture the provision of formal reports to the insurer and other obligations.